West Germany Zyklon Op Art vase by Cari Zalloni for German ceramic studio Steuler in 1960s, German Mid Century Modern

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West Germany Zyklon vase designed in the 1960s by Cari Zalloni (1937-2012) for the studio pottery Steuler. German Op Art Space Age vase.

The vase has a cool design with circles in relief. A weather vase inspired by a cyclone (in wikipedia described as a large scale air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure).
The glaze is blue as the sky, but with darker areas as it can be seen in the pictures.

Very good condition. An unevenness on one side, which is part of the production (see picture)

According to Wikipedia Cari Zalloni was born in Athens in 1937. His father was of Greek-Italien descent, while his mother came from Austria. After his fathers death in 1947 he moved to Vienna with his mother. He studied art under Professor Oswald Haerdtl and started to work as a designer in 1960. So the Zyklon vases must be some of his early work as a designer.

(Source, Wikipedia in German: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cari_Zalloni)

Height app 4 inches / 10 centimeters.
Width app 2.50 inches / 6.50 centimeters.
Weight app 140 grams.

Note this listing is only for one vase as described, but we’ve got more Zyklon vases in the shop.