1970s art glass vase “Cascade” by Per Lutken for Danish glassworks Holmegaard. Scandinavian Mid Century Modern

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Per Lutken for Holmegaard, vase from the art glass series “Cascade”, which was designed in 1970. The rim is uneven og there are bubbles in the glass which is typical for these vases that each are unique and made of blown glass. The vase is unsigned and in excellent condition.

Very nice earth tone colors: Green, brown / orange.

Height 6.30 inches / 16 centimeters
Weight app 500 grams

In 1962 Per Lutken said about the glass:

“The glass will first and foremost work by its own nature. Due to its reflexes, it will be in a special relationship with its surroundings. It will borrow from them and pass them on in a concentrated experience. It will embrace the least amount of light and send it forward stronger, more beautiful and more fun.”

(Freely translated after the book “Glasset” (Danish meaning “The Glass”. The book was published by A/S Korsør Glasværk (Korsor Glassworks) and A/S Cudoglas, Korsør 1962 – Korsor being af town in Denmark).

Per Lutken is considered to be one of Denmark’s most important glass artists and certainly also one of the most productive as he worked for the largest glassworks in Denmark, Holmgaard, from 1942 until his death in 1998. You can read more about Per Lutken (Lütken) here (in Danish): http://denstoredanske.dk/Dansk_Biografisk_Leksikon/Kunst_og_kultur/Billedkunst/Tegner/Per_Lütken

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