QUIRKY SUNDAYS – Scandinavian Mid Century Modern interior decor & Quirky to make you smile!

Mid Century Modern and antique interior decoration art are the focus of Quirky Sundays’ shop. We are a small business that are dealing with reused interior design for a warm, eclectic and fun home with a Scandinavian accent.

We are always on the search for wonderful decorative art, e.g. glass, pottery, vases and vessels, lighting, wood, metal, flat-weave rugs and other items that can form a bridge to the people we once were. A home looks great with new furniture and decoration, but to add character and true style in our opinion you also need some things that relates to our cultural background and past.

Our focus expands from the 19th to the 20th century and we aim to make our costumers travel in time through antique and vintage things that our predecessors produced, possessed, cared for and cherised . We focus on the reuse of fantastic decorative art, which are hand made with great craft, artistic inspiration and love.

  • We have vases and vessels from the Art Nouveau era with the fantastic biomorphic, naturalistic and floral inspiration which are made with great imagination and the interior decor from this era is in our opinion down right beautiful.
  • The geometric forms of the Art Deco era are also among our most popular interior decor items and spherical vases from the 1930s are some of our all time favorites .
  • Cool decor from the 1950s which are becoming very popular. We see a lot of  jug style beak vases with so much personality that you would think they could get a part in a cartoon movie.
  • The 1940s were not so loud but has a lot to offer. We are particularly fond of the vases and figurines from the Danish pottery factory Ipsens Enke (Ipsen’s Widow) with parrot glaze: bears, fish, owls and other animals are becoming increasingly collectible.

And not the least from the stylish but yet wild 1960s and the colorful 1970s.

We live in Copenhagen so Danish Modern is all around, and the wonderful vintage interior decoration items of Sweden is near by on the other side of Oresund.

The fascinating thing about these used and preloved decor objects from middle of the 20th Century is both the high quality and the style.

Quirky Sundays IVS resides at Morgenvej 10, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark, mail@quirkysundays.com and we will answer within 8 hours.

Why quirky things?

The quirkyness of things is all too easily pushed aside and forgotten in a busy life with many chores. We can’t just let that happen and are making special efforts to provide our costumers with a great selection of eclectic interior decor that will make them smile or wonder. Check the Quirky Sunday category in our Etsy shop.

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Owner of Quirky Sundays IVS

Collector of Mid Century Modern & Quirky Vintage Scandinavian reused interior decor
    Lene Koss

    Love high quality decorative items from the mid 20th century: vintage art pottery, art glass, eclectic flat-wowen Swedish rugs. I live in Scandinavia, why it's mostly things from this part of the world that I come across. Mid Century Modern decor from Denmark, Sweden and Norway

    Lene Koss
    Owner and collector of Scandinavian vintage and retro items. Loves everything old and swears to the reuse of stylish interior decor from the 20th century
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